Mobile Applications

mobile-applications-le-1From First-Responder to Crime Reporting, Law Enforcement agencies are relying more on Mobile based applications to enhance and aide in their overall job performance.

The demand for real-time-access, always on availability, fewer delays and faster execution drive organizations to explore custom mobile solutions based around business processes/workflows, visualization tools, and composite applications that blend date from multiple back-end sources.

The Sage Group’ project directed mentored approach combines the best of education/training and consulting practices into a hybrid solution that will keep your organization self-sufficient for years. Our experience and capabilities in the mobile app development and wireless technologies have accumulated over the years of working with clients on diverse engagements.

Areas of Expertise & Experience

– Building a Mobile Application Framework
– Use case Development
– Crime Detection Applications
– Mobile Applications Best Practices within Law Enforcement
– Mobile Application Security Best Practices (see below)


Mobile Application Development Solutions ♦♦♦♦ Mobile Application Mentoring Framework

Mobile Application Project Study

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