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Technology systems have contributed significantly to the operational effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement agencies of all types.

As the ability to collect, share, and use information continues to gain momentum in modern policing, technology tools that offer agencies the chance to develop this ability are omnipresent.

Yet, as much as we rely on technology for some of our most sensitive and necessary activities, securing that technology is often an afterthought to system deployment rather than being an integrated part of the strategic implementation process.  Project & Client Engagement Excerpts

The Sage Group’s Information Technology & Cyber Security Mentoring Solutions division was created to provide the law enforcement community with strategies, best practices, recommendations, and ideas for developing and implementing information technology security policies. We have helped our clients identify and assess information technology security risks within their agencies and provide ideas for mitigating them.

Moreover, we encourage clients to view security policies and practices as an ongoing process of assessment, modification, and measurement.

it-security-blog-2Expertise & Experience
– Incident Response
– Penetration Testing
– VOIP & Wireless PEN Testing
– Data Correlation & Analysis
– Auditing Policies and Guidelines
– Digital Forensics & Court PREP
– Digital Forensics for Mobile Devices
– Risk and Cyber Range Capability
– Cyber Security and Social Media
– Intrusion Detection & Active Defense


IT & Cyber Security Solutions ♦♦♦♦Data Correlation & Analysis/PEN Testing Project Overview

VOIP & Wireless PEN Testing Project Overview

IT Active Defense Solutions ♦♦♦♦ Threat Lifecycle Solutions

Understand the Cyber Security World ♦♦♦♦ Cyber Security Enterprise Integration

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