Business Transformation

le-business-transformation-2Business transformation planning is about more than just “changing the business”.

An additional focus must be placed on creating and providing change activities for running an organization in the long term.

This combination will make a BTF more powerful and effective.  A Business Transformation Framework should significantly increase the likelihood of lasting change and help organizations to:

– Combine change activities in run & change organizations and merge them into a single plan
– Create the optimal project portfolio with limited budgets and resources
– Provide senior management with support in prioritization and decision-making and then          explain this to the rest of the organization.

The integral approach and the required cooperation during setup make a major contribution to this. It is more than just changing the processes, or just the strategy, or just IT. It is all about the interrelationships and dependencies. Drawing up a business transformation plan provides much more benefit than just the product: the business transformation portfolio.  In addition, drawing up a business transformation plan is not an end in itself: it is a tool. The Business Transformation Framework supports the structured and integral translation of strategy into a project portfolio. You should also dissuade people from skipping ahead to drawing up the project calendar, because you would miss the added value of the preceding steps.

Areas of Expertise & Experience

  • ITIL & Business Process Management Adoption
  • SharePoint/Data Repository Governance
  • Project Server Implementation & Best Practices
  • Project Server Dashboard Design
  • Project Management (PMP/Prince2)
  • Agile and Waterfall
  • Business Analysis in Technology



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