Law Enforcement

law-enforcement-home-page-1You do not have to be a large global enterprise company to provide businesses with the level of service and integrity they demand.  You must have people who are truly dedicated, passionate, committed, and believe in what your solution provides to your prospective clients. 

The Sage Group is not a typical vendor. In fact, we do not view ourselves as a vendor who is simply looking to plug holes. With talented internal and external resources, we begin by understanding the inner-workings of the Law Enforcement agency.

law-enforcement-home-page-2Through collaboration, our goal is to document a process-driven operating model that is customized to your agency’s unique way of doing business.                                                               In so doing, we recognize that technology and business transformation is not a one-size fits all endeavor. We find the right solution to improve your process. Whether the solution be a commercial off-the-shelf solution or one that is customized, it’s about what makes sense for your agency, integrating all your data sources and ideas into one common view.

Our technology and business agnostic integration approach allows this to happen.

We actively seek to employ and engage resources who possess a substantial amount of experience within the Law Enforcement Sector.

Not one of our Mentors, Consultants, and Educators is below the age of 40.

law-enforcement-home-page-3Through our long history of working with Law Enforcement, The Sage Group has developed a deep understanding of business processes, people and technologies. All of this knowledge is maintained in a center of excellence from which to extract in order to to help deliver real value and real-world results to our clients.

The heart of our solutions are focused on creating Use Cases that mirror your agency’s goals and objectives.  Experience & Dedication, Not Size, Speaks for Itself.

Our Expertise                                                            

Drone Technology                IT Security           Predictive Policing            Mobile Applications
Augmented Reality        Facial Recognition         Social Media             Business Transformation

Project Experience & ROI

SharePoint 2013 Implementation       Mobile App Development        Dashboard Design
PEN Testing with Data Correlation & Analysis                           UX/UI – Business Analysts

Sample Mentoring Frameworks

Mobile App Development Mentoring Framework
SharePoint 2013 Mentoring Framework